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How to organised an open union meeting 

So you want to know more about the Union, and what it can do for you and your area?

It’s easy…get a few of you together and start spreading the word that there is going to be a meeting in your area, when you think you have about 25+ interested (remember they don’t have to be members, and they can be from neighbouring counties and IFA’s)

  • Contact the union on and say you want to hold a meeting, liaise with us over dates and times, to make sure you get great union speakers and officers to present to you.
  • Find a hall/room in a good central position and book it (the union will pay up to £50 of room booking costs)
  • We will then send you flyers for your meeting to print out and hand around at support groups, training and any other networking opportunities…remember word of mouth and the internet are great ways to communicate.
  • We can keep the flyers and adverts general/anonomised so no ones name is mentioned if you don’t want it to be.
  • We will advertise your meeting in a Newsletter, on our website and on social media.
  • WE MEET!

Interested in becoming a IWGB Foster Care Workers branch Rep?

Being a Rep is a fantastic opportunity to help and support your fellow foster carers, it’s a great way to be part of the IWGB, a part of the FCW’s branch, part of the bigger picture. All Reps are or have been Foster Care Workers themselves, this is the only national body for Foster Carers…run by Foster Carers, no one knows how to support a Carer like another Carer.

Many of us know how difficult, abused and traumatic and the current allegations procedure is, and that the only ‘independent’ support available is tenuously ‘independent’ at best and usually in the employ of the Local Authorities or IFA’s and the ‘Reps’ are in fact Social Workers. 

We all know the climate of fear FCW’s work in on a daily basis, we are empowering FCW’s around the UK and as the union becomes more and more recognised many carers are stepping forward to be Reps.

You will get full training and always be supported, you will also access the ‘Reps Area’ on the website where you have online training, ongoing and up to date news and ways to help FCW’s, and a forum to chat to other Reps for advice, help and support.

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