What a week, as we announce our first campaign!

Well, what a week that was for our union and raising the profile of foster care workers! Since news broke of our case against Hampshire County Council regarding holiday entitlement, to challenge our working status, the media attention has been incredible, and the public are finally getting to hear about the realities of being a FCW from foster carers themselves, something that is long overdue.

Last Monday I was on the BBC1 Breakfast show, BBC radio 4 Today, BBC2 Victoria Derbyshire show, then ITV got wind of the story and sent a car for me and I was on the ITN lunchtime news, and channel 4&5 news in the evening. Then this Sunday I appeared on BBC2’s Sunday politics show….by my reckoning we reached some 15 million viewers, and there is more in the pipeline!

Anyone who missed it can catch up on our Facebook pages, or the IWGB Youtube channel.

Membership is soaring and FCW’s are joining every single day. The support has been overwhelmingly positive from all sectors, with many saying “We never knew that….” Public support was strong and positive, with many who were interviewed in the streets amazed that given the job that we do have no rights and are treated the way we are.

Foster carers are no longer afraid to say “I am a member of the IWGB, this is our union”



4 thoughts on “OCTOBER NEWS

  1. Not quite sure what rights you’re looking for.
    As a Local Authority carer myself we get holiday entitlement now, we are self-employed so enjoy the carers tax relief too, which allows for WTC to be claimed as our ‘profit’ is Nil (99% of the time). Our skills payments acts as our wage, not much I know, but there is no way on earth that LA’s /Tax payers would pay min wage to us carers working 24/7. So am I missing something…

    • Hi Ian, Thank you for taking the time to message us, I think you will find the answer to these questions under the heading ‘you and us’ and then click on ‘about legal ‘worker’ status. If you have anymore questions after reading that please do not hesitate to ask, kindest regards, Sarah

  2. Hi Sarah why can’t you just give the answer instead of him having to look it up. By the way I think he is right. That is my opinion as well as many others that have spoken to me.
    Can you answer me a question how many foster carers have joint the union???

    • Hi Tom, its very simple to look it up as you are on the website anyway and its more comprehensive than I can write here (including the answer to the minimum wage),. We know how differently we all foster and our differing opinions, something we respect greatly. If we win rights you do not have to exercise them and can stay exactly as you are, it will not affect those for who don’t want it. Thank you for your input we value all foster carers not just our members, kind regards

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