Allegations & Complaints

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Allegations are on the rise, over 50 allegation procedures are brought against Foster Care Workers in the UK EVERY WEEK. There is no other industry, anywhere, that brings this many disciplinary actions against its workers, which in itself speaks volumes about our lack of status and rights for Foster Carers. We at the IWGB Foster Care Workers Union have made it our mission to expose this information in the media and fix it firmly in the public domain. For too long now this abuse of Foster Carers has gone under the radar of the general public because carers have no rights whatsoever, not even the right to protection for whistle blowing and are too afraid to speak out about the conditions they work in.

Allegations in the fostering Arena are very common and Foster Care Workers are considered guilty before being proven innocent, which flies in the face of British law and natural justice. but here at the IWGB we absolutely uphold and highly value the integrity of our members and safeguarding the children they care for. The vast majority of allegations made against Foster Carers are bogus, or worse still, as a result of bad practice and a lack of coherent policies from the Local Authorities or other service providers.

The system for managing allegations is hostile and abusive to Foster Carers and ruins many carers lives, it heavily impacts on the retention of Foster Carers and for that matter recruitment of Foster Carers. We have made it our mission to change this abusive system through the introduction of a national register of Foster Carers that will also bring with it professional standards and management of any allegation by a truly intendant body.

The union has been very successfully in defending it’s members facing allegations. We don’t just ‘take you through the process’, we fight your corner and hold the LA’s and their employees to account, and empower you to professionally take control of your own allegation.

If you are eligible* and in a regional group area you can also tap into more one to one support from a trained Regional Rep.

In our members area, there are top tips and advice regarding allegations, what to do the minute one is even ‘suggested’ and a space to ask for advice from union reps and most importantly share you experiences with other Foster carers, and gain advice and support from other members.

The best time to take action on allegations is at the very beginning, so if you are a member and feel an allegation is brewing, or your LA or other service provider ring to say an allegation has been made, get in touch with you union immediately, and to give you a preview of our top tips…one of the most important rules if this happens to you.

REMEMBER! there is no such thing as a ‘friendly chat’ once an allegation is made against you the authority will be collecting evidence to confirm the allegation, not to refute it.

N.B. Allegations can be made a number of years after a placement ends (historic allegations). To protect yourself, we recommend you continue your membership to protect yourself even if the young person has moved into Staying Put or you resign or retire.

*The Union policy for members support is limited to paid up members with an issue which postdates becoming a member. Also, the amount of support we can offer depends on whether they live within a Regional Group.
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