For all general enquiries please contact the IWGB head office directly by using the following email address

If you require more specific assistance or advice in relation to your fostering role please use the following email address

You can also call the IWGB office directly to speak to a members of staff who will be able to advise you of the best person to contact and make any referral you might need.

Please call the IWGB office on   0203 490 7530     or     0203 538 3720

You can write to the IWGB office or visit us at this address:

Room 1, St Margaret’s House
15 Old Ford Road
E2 9PJ

Direct assistance from the IWGB FCWU is limited to qualifying members of the union. If you are a Foster Carer with a problem but you are not yet a member and you are seeking advice and/or assistance with your problem, the IWGB will only be able to offer limited advice and guidance. The IWGB reserves the right to withhold direct, indirect or legal assistance on any issues that occurred to a member in relation to their foster role prior to their IWGB membership.

For more information please call the head office above.

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