September news roundup

September news roundup

Well here we are in September and its the  IWGB Foster Care Workers branch first birthday on 19th, and it is hard to believe what has been achieved in that short space of time, soaring membership, our first employment tribunal win, mainstream press and media coverage, our chair was asked by the Guardian to write an article following the Johnstone case bringing foster care workers to the fore (see link below) We have been supporting members with issues and successfully representing them in allegations, developing regional groups and more…there will be a more in depth report on our birthday.

Who’s listening?

Our flagship regional group “Hampshire and area” is proving to be overwhelmingly successful, it is empowering, inspiring and supporting our members throughout the area, with trained reps and more reps joining, in excess of 20% of Hampshire County Council carers are now union members and more are joining by the day.

We are pleased to announce that Hampshire County Council are leading the way, they have supported membership of the union, worked closely with us in allegations, and we are currently looking into working with them to develop new, more coherent and effective policies that are more transparent and robust in safeguarding carers. They have agreed to talks with union in October, which is a huge step forward.

Hampshire is a high performing council so we are hoping that other councils and agencies will take their lead. The union is here to stay and working together will open up new dynamic and meaningful dialogues, begin to create real change, and work towards our goals of rights, equality and protection, driving up standards for us and the children and young people in our care.

Here is our Chair Sarah Anderson’s article in the Guardian on Monday in response to the ruling..


The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) has won a landmark employee status case and the first case the union is aware of of foster care workers being recognised as employees by a UK tribunal. This case is a massive step forward for the rights of Foster Care workers The tribunal ruled that the level of control and mutuality of obligations meant that James and Christine Johnstone were clearly employees.

Go to the Media page, press & us in the news for full coverage of the case.

And…nearly there with the website!

Many of the pages are there in the drop down boxes now, and we are near completing our members only area, for help, support, advice, from your union and from fellow foster care workers and the wealth of experiences you all bring to the table.

We will keep you bang up to date with all the latest news, on this front page and what is going on, and check out all the phenomenal press and media!

We will keep you updated on our fight for a legal worker status and how thats progressing, our APPG (15 cross party MP’s and Peers now signed up) and our campaigning for a Central Register for Foster Care Workers, and most importantly our work on standing up for, protecting and fighting for our members rights in allegations, it is no secret that we intend to upend that entire process in time!

The “How to Join” menu item is already operational fully operational, and its never been easier to join.

Thanks for your continued patience!



Sarah Anderson


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