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The birth of a new union

On September 19 2016 a group of Foster Care Workers met with the IWGB in a room in Portcullis House in Westminster and voted overwhelmingly to form the IWGB Foster Care Workers Branch.

The union was formed in response to our lack of rights, inequality and a lack of a representative employment status. Also in response to the abuse many Foster Care Workers experience as a result of the current system. Carers currently feel they are gagged about their working conditions and exist in a climate of fear, unable to speak out against the abuses they experience.

The IWGB is the only organisations or union actually representing foster care workers by fighting for the correct status for Foster Carers, and fighting to secure legal recognition as a ‘Worker’, others may say they think carers should be ‘treated as part of the team’ or be seen as ‘professionals’ but this will change nothing, as we know this kind of rhetoric is only lip service to a principle but we will continue to be mistreated in the way we are until our working status changes and it is no longer legal to continue in that way.

We in this branch of the IWGB, and as Foster Care Workers are in the front line of child care services and desperately want to influence the standards in which we operate. Fighting for a legal worker status, fight for your rights, working to establish an Independent Central Register, giving you equality and status, and most importantly a voice. We want you to be supported when allegations arise, we want a new fairer, more accountable allegation system that is less open to abuse by defensive Care Providers, we want you to be secure and happy in your role, as we know that care for the most vulnerable children in society starts with us, the Foster Carer.

A respected, supported, and well treated workforce will be hardworking, committed and sustainable and will impact hugely on recruitment and retention and will help promote the industry to a new generation of Foster Care Workers.

Without a dedicated Foster Care workforce there is no foster care.

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